Invigorate your senses on a 7 day immersive experience full of art, wine, food and wellness in the rural French Jura Mountains


Surrender to your surroundings in the French countryside, where you will be guided through an exploration of this unique and magical place by savoring incredible wine among the vineyards, enjoying farm to table meals, getting in touch with your inner artist and enhancing the moment through simple mindfulness practices  



Photography  Sketchbooking  Yoga  Meditation  Motion


Be invigorated through intimate classes, to capture a stroll through wine country or to a near by waterfall in a photograph or sketch.  Yoga in the dewey morning grass and meditation at sunset to help us be present in the beauty of it all.  Whether you're brand new to these things or an experienced professional, we will be together in the jouney and you'll return home with a new sense of yourself and how to see the world around you 



 Adventure to Arbois for Jura Wine Tasting + Nightly Dining on Local Specialties 


Every evening we will gather on the terrace of our family's 180 year old farm house to feast on farm to table specialties under the stars.  Daily we'll select our cheese, meat, bread and wine from local makers.  We'll journey through jura wine country where we'll taste the unique grapes of the region made by some of the best wine makers in the world



Immersive Travel Retreat


Rest your head each night in a quaint french town surrounded by fields of flowers.  Celebrate French independence day in a tiny mountain village among the locals with fireworks and real french fries!  Spend each evening sharing dinner at our 180 year old French farm house, learning together about the wines of the region as we sip, eating beautifully curated meals, full of cheese from the cow you saw standing next to the shop that morning.  Experience personalized guided tours of this wonderful place along side professionals in photography, sketchbooking, and wellness. You'll return home full - both inspired and centered.  We are celebrating 35 years of this artistic workshop!  Our love, our passion for this place is why we chose to share it year after year